Cleanse Your Liver or Face – The Health Consequences

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When it comes to your health, your life truly depends on the health of your liver. The liver is essentially a chemical plant that converts what we eat, breathe, drink, and absorb through the skin into substances that are life sustaining.

The liver also acts as a major blood reservoir. It forms and stores red blood cells and filters toxins from the blood at about a quart each minute. Additionally the liver manufactures antihistamines to improve our immune response.

More than any of our other organs the liver enables us to gain the benefits from the foods that we eat. If we did not have a liver digestion would not be possible. Converting food into energy would not exist. The organ is the main metabolic organ for fats, proteins, and carbs.

The Liver at Work

The liver is responsible for synthesizing and secreting bile. Bile is what insures food assimilation and plays a critical role in getting rid of toxic materials from the gastrointestinal tract. Blood will flow directly from the intestinal tract into the liver where the liver will eal with the food toxins before delivering them to the blood.

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The blood returns to the liver over and over again in order to have the toxins processed over and over through the lymph system until the toxins are excreted either by the kidneys or by the bile.

When the liver becomes exhausted or congested, these vital functions may stop taking place. Unfortunately since the common western diet is full of fats, sugars, alcohol, and calories, and unknown amounts of toxins including pesticides, nitrates, and preservatives, almost everyone has some type of liver malfunction.

After abusing the liver for many years, health problems can occur. Abuse can lead to the liver becoming exhausted and when this happens it cannot detoxify itself. The good news is that the liver is quite amazing and will continue to work even when up to eighty percent of its cells are damaged.

Even more amazing is the fact that the liver will regenerate its own tissues that are damaged so even in life threatening situations such as cirrhosis, acute gallstone attacks, pernicious anemia, etc, the liver can be regenerated and a major surgery or possible death averted.

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After learning all that the liver is responsible for it is easy to see why a liver detox can be so important. Here are 10 signs that your liver may need a detoxification.

  • Discomfort or pain in the right upper abdominal area located under the rib cage. This is right over the liver.
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Difficulty digesting fatty foods
  • Acid reflux or heartburn
  • Your gallbladder has been removed
  • Excessive abdominal fat
  • Dark spots on the skin, sometimes called liver spots
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  • Discomfort or pain in the right upper abdominal area located under the rib cage. This is right over the liver.
  • Acne or skin that is itchy or blotchy
  • Unexplained weight gain and the inability to lose weight even with a calorie reduction
  • Body overheating or an excessive amount of perspiration

Some other signs that you need to look for include fatigue, high blood pressure, mood swings, depression, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and if fatty yellowish looking lumps appear around the eyes. All of these signs mean that you need to detox your liver and change your lifestyle and diet in order for your liver to begin healing.

How Does The Liver Become Clogged

Even people who do not drink alcohol can experience fatty liver disease. This is caused by eating a diet that is high in carbs and processed foods or foods that have a high amount of sugar.

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Other things that may contribute to a fatty liver include toxins such as food preservatives, water contaminants, pesticides, etc that are found in the air, in water, and in the food we eat as well as many home and body products that we use.

These toxins can become lodged in the liver, kidneys, bowels, lymphatic system and most often in fat tissue. The buildup of toxins prevents the normal intake and the utilization of carbs, proteins, and other nutrients. In addition, they can reduce the oxygen uptake and create a septic, acidic, and lower energy state that is prone to diseases.

When the liver is kept busy filtering out toxins it has little energy left to filter drugs, blood, hormones and to do its job as a digestive organ.

Steps For Liver Detoxification

There are several steps that need to be taken in order to detoxify your liver. First, you will need to reduce your exposure to airborne toxins such as gas, smoke, cleaners, perfumes, paint, glue, and nail polish.

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You also need to reduce the amount of toxins in your food and drink. Try to avoid dyes, preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides, alcohol, contaminated water, and heavy metals such as those found in large fish. For personal care and cleaning products switch to plant based and non-toxic formulas.

When considering the toxins that enter your body it is important to remember your skin is your largest organ. Whatever you apply to your skin is directly absorbed.

To help repair the damage that has been done to your liver already you are going to need to start consuming foods that can help repair the damage. Raw fruits and vegetables, especially brightly colored and dark green and leafy vegetables, can help improve liver function. Roughly forty percent of your diet should consist of fresh, raw, fruits and veggies.

Fruits and veggies help your liver because they contain living enzymes, natural antibiotic substances, vitamin C, and phytonutrients, which are anti-cancer substances.

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Using supplements that contain supportive nutrients and hers is also important for repairing the health of the liver. Some vitamins that can help the liver include B-complex, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Some herbs that help cleanse the liver include turmeric, milk thistle, globe artichoke, and dandelion. There are also several amino acids that are important for your liver help as well.


If your liver becomes clogged and you cannot properly digest foods and eliminate the waste products from them you need to take the necessary steps to detoxify your liver. If you do note cleanse the liver there are many health consequences that you may end up suffering from.