8 Ways Probiotics Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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Probiotics are the good bacteria that reside within the digestive system. These microorganism can be consumed through supplements or fermented foods. There are more and more studies that are showing the balance of good and bad bacteria within the digestive system is directly linked to your overall health.

Probiotics promote the healthy balance of gut bacteria and also provide a large number of health benefits. Below you will find 10 ways that probiotics can improve your health.

Balance Out Good Bacteria

Probiotics contain good bacteria that provide many health benefits when consumed. One of the benefits is that they can restore the balance of gut bacteria. If there is an imbalance in the gut bacteria. Imbalances may be caused by medications, sickness, or poor diet, or something else.

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Some of the consequences of an imbalance of the gut bacteria include mental health issues, digestive issues, allergies, obesity, and even more.

Prevention And Treatment of Diarrhea

One of the most widely known abilities of probiotics is its ability to help treat diarrhea. Diarrhea is one of the common side effects of taking antibiotics. The reason that one may get diarrhea after taking antibiotics is because the antibiotics can negatively affect the balance of the bacteria in the gut. Taking a probiotic can restore the balance of good and bad bacteria and alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea.

Improve Mental Health

There are a number of new studies that link the health of the gut to mental health and overall mood. Studies on both animals and on humans found that probiotic supplements can help to improve some of the mental health disorders.

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Taking bifidobacterium and lactobacillus strains for about two months has shown to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, autism, and memory function.

Heart Health

There is a link to probiotics and your heart health. It seems that taking probiotics supplements can lower LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol. The probiotics can also help lower blood pressure.

Some lactic acid bacteria may reduce cholesterol levels by breaking down the bile that is located in the gut.

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Bile is produced by the liver and is made up of cholesterol. It helps aid in digestion. Probiotics, by breaking down the bile can help prevent the bile from being reabsorbed in the gut where it may enter the blood as cholesterol.

Eating probiotics could also help lower blood pressure modestly.

Allergy And Eczema Reduction

There are some strains of probiotics that can reduce severity of eczema in infants and children. One study found that infants that were fed milk with probiotic supplements showed a reduction in eczema symptoms when compared to infants who were not given probiotics.

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There are also some strains of probiotics that can reduce inflammatory responses in individuals who have dairy allergies.

Reduction of Symptoms Associated With Digestive Disorders

There are over a million people in the United States alone that suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. Certain probiotics from the lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains can improve the symptoms of individuals that suffer from colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases.

Immunity Boost

There is evidence to support that probiotics can give your immune system a boost. Since probiotics inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, it can help keep your gut healthy and thus improve your overall immunity.

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There are also some probiotics that may promote production of antibodies in the body naturally. In addition, immune cells such as IgA producing cells may be boosted as well. One large review found that using probiotics reduced both the likelihood and the duration of respiratory infections.

Lactobacillus may help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

Weight Loss

There are numerous reasons that probiotics may increase weight loss. First, there are some probiotics that prevent dietary fat from being reabsorbed into the intestine. This fat is excreted and then not stored in the body.

In addition, probiotics can also help you feel fuller longer. They can also help you store less fat and burn more calories. This may be in part because probiotics can help increase certain hormone levels such as the hormone GLP-1.

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Probiotics could help directly with weight loss. In one particular study women who were dieting and took lactobacillus rhamnosus over a period of 3 months lost almost 50 percent more weight than the women who did not take probiotics.

One other study found that even a small dose of lactobacillus gasseri for 3 months resulted in a reduction in belly fat.

It is important to note that not all types of probiotics are good for weight loss and there are some that may even cause weight gain.

How to Benefit From Probiotics

There are a number of different foods that you can eat in order to get the many benefits from probiotics. In addition, there are probiotics supplements available that can be consumed in order to improve overall gut health.

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Fermented dairy products such as milk drinks and yogurts contain good amounts of probiotics. Pickled veggies, miso, kimchi, kefir, tempeh, sauerkraut and some soy products contain lactic acid bacteria.

In addition there are probiotic tablets, powders, and capsules. These supplements contain probiotics in dried form. However, some of these probiotics may be destroyed by the stomach acid before they reach the gut. This means that none of the intended benefits are achieved.


Probiotics can be extremely beneficial for your overall health. When it comes to feeling good the health of your gut plays an important role. If your gut is not healthy chances are it is because of an imbalance of your gut flora. It is important to keep an appropriate balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut in order to achieve optimal health.

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Probiotics offer one of the best ways to ensure that your gut remains healthy. In order to achieve the above listed benefits you will need to consume the appropriate amounts.